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DVB-S2 demodulator / S2X demodulator

Product code: CMS0014

The CMS0014 has been designed from the ground-up for high-speed and gate-efficient implementation on FPGA and ASIC platforms and offers "near Shannon limit" performance when combined with an advanced LDPC decoder solution.
The demodulator provides an adaptable starting point for receiver sub-systems to be used in the next-generation of digital TV set-top-boxes, VSAT terminals and related test and monitoring equipment.


DVB-S2 demodulator / S2X demodulator DVB-S2X Standard
DVB-S2 demodulator / S2X demodulator DVB-S2 Standard

Block diagram

DVB-S2 demodulator / S2X demodulator block diagram (click to enlarge)
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Safari Plug-in

DVB-S2 demodulator / S2X demodulator safari plug-in (click to enlarge)
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Standards compliance

  • ETSI EN 302 307-1
  • ETSI EN 302 307-2


  • Support for CCM, VCM and ACM modes.
  • Support for DVB-S2X Annex-M acquisition.
  • Sync acquisition at -2dB C/N.
  • Wide carrier acquisition range.
  • Programmable symbol rate recovery
    few kSymb/s to >45 MSymb/s.
  • Real IF, zero-IF or near-zero-IF.
  • Variable ADC sampling frequency.
  • Frame-by-frame (A)PSK selection.
  • QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK.
  • 64-APSK, 128-APSK and 256-APSK.
  • Short (16kb) and normal (64kb) frames
  • Frames with/without intra-frame Pilots.


  • ASICs for digital satellite TV reception.
  • High-end interactive satellite terminals.
  • Test, measurement and broadcast monitoring equipment.
  • Multi-standard, adaptable (software defined) receivers.


  • Single external clock source.
  • Single external analogue AGC loop.
  • All-digital timing and carrier recovery.
  • Digital channel filtering.
  • Optimised for ASIC, Xilinx and Altera.
  • Evaluation boards available.

Plug-ins / Extensions

  • Group-delay equalisation.