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Universal QAM/PSK modulator

Product code: CMS0004

Our universal QAM/PSK modulator core is aimed at broadband point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications and supports QAM orders from 2 (BPSK) to 256.
It is compatible with the IEEE 802.16.x wireless MAN-SC and 802.15.3 wireless PAN standards, and provides a comprehensive range of synthesis options to allow optimal trade-off between gate-count and feature set.
Integrates with Commsonics QAM Demodulator(CMS0006), Reed-Solomon(CMS0013) and Viterbi(CMS0002) cores to form a complete broadband Modem.

Block diagram

Universal QAM/PSK modulator block diagram (click to enlarge)
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  • Continuous or burst-mode operation.
  • Large QAM support : BPSK .. QAM-256.
  • Support for MPSK and OQPSK.
  • Modulation accuracy > 45dB (MER).
  • Variable symbol rate interpolation.


  • Broadband point-to-(multi)point systems.


  • Optimised for Xilinx and Altera.
  • Evaluation boards available.

Plug-ins / Extensions