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Multi-channel ATSC 8-VSB modulator

Product code: CMS0038

The CMS0038 multi-channel ATSC 8-VSB modulator with integrated Channel Coders has been designed specifically to implement the 8-VSB requirements of the ATSC Digital Television Standard (A/53).
The core provides all the necessary processing for 8VSB modulation of a up to 4 transport streams. Supported output formats include baseband I/Q and IF.
Every effort has been made to keep the size of the block to an absolute minimum in order to target the low-cost FPGA families, however this has not been at the expense of functionality.


Block diagram

Multi-channel ATSC 8-VSB modulator block diagram (click to enlarge)
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Safari Plug-in

Multi-channel ATSC 8-VSB modulator safari plug-in (click to enlarge)
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Standards compliance

  • ATSC A/53 8-VSB


  • RS and convolutional encoding.
  • Segment/Field Sync and Pilot insertion.
  • Variable sample rate interpolation.
  • 1 to 4 channels per core.
  • Multiple cores provide > 4 channels.
  • Optional SMPTE 310M locking.
  • Optional internal IF conversion.
  • External AD9857/AD9957 DDS interface.
  • Automatic AD9857/AD9957 programming.


  • ATSC 8-VSB transmission systems.
  • Test equipment.


Plug-ins / Extensions