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DVB-CID modulator

Product code: CMS0069

The CMS0069 DVB-CID modulator is an integrated modulator and channel-coder core designed specifically to address the requirements of the ETSI DVB-CID carrier identification standard (EN103129).


DVB-CID modulator DVB-CID Standard

Block diagram

DVB-CID modulator block diagram (click to enlarge)
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Safari Plug-in

DVB-CID modulator safari plug-in (click to enlarge)
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Standards compliance

  • ETSI EN 103 129


  • Supports 32 Content-ID options.
  • Individual Content-ID enables.
  • Automatic Content-ID profile sequencing.
  • All chip-rates supported.
  • Optional CPU-free configuration.
  • External AD9857/AD9957 DDS interface.
  • Automatic AD9857/AD9957 programming.
  • Multi-channel AD9857/AD9957 applications.
  • External AD9789 RF DAC interface.
  • Automatic AD9789 programming.
  • Optional AD9516/ADF4350 PLL programming.