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Commsonic pushes IP in China

Cambridge, England

29 May 2007

Following a nine-month engagement, IP developer, Commsonic, has successfully delivered broadcast modulator solutions to its first three Chinese customers. The solutions have been customised to meet the individual needs of each customer.
The three individual modulator solutions have been built around the CMS0009 (COFDM) and CMS0024 (QAM) FPGA cores and integrate all of the synchronisation, error correction and signal processing functions necessary to perform "bits-to-carrier" modulation from a raw MPEG packet stream. The designs, all targeted at the low-cost Altera and Xilinx FPGA device families, are configured for deployment as the main component of head-end systems for digital TV transmission over terrestrial and cable RF channels.
Commsonic's IP is designed for FPGA and ASIC platforms and includes cores for the major cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcast technologies including the second generation satellite Standard DVB-S2, the mobile COFDM Standard DVB-T/H and ubiquitous QAM cable standards J.83 and DVB-C.
As part of Commsonic's long-term strategy to target the Asian market, the company has recently agreed an exclusive partnership with Beijing-based Hypersilicon Ltd. The partnership provides the UK-based IP developer with regional marketing, sales and technical support across Asia on its complete range of modulator and demodulator IP.
"We are delighted to have established a foothold in the Chinese market with our system-on-chip solutions, something that would have been very difficult without the high quality local support provided by our partners, Hypersilicon" explained Commsonic Director Neil Shipp.
"With Hypersilicon's help we have been able to address the much- publicised concerns over IP security in this region of the world and won a part of a developing, but potentially substantial market".
Picture of Thomas Yan
Commsonic won these new customers with FPGA solutions in the face of stiff competition from (dedicated) ASIC, which is testament to the performance and cost-effectiveness of the company's core technology.
"Commsonic's IP on low-cost FPGA provided our customers with a flexible alternative to modules built from fixed-function standard parts. This allowed rapid prototyping and evaluation and the earliest possible time-to-market", commented Thomas Yan, Hypersilicon's Vice President. "We expect that these benefits will win us further design-ins in the near future".
Further details on Commsonic's IP and partner Hypersilicon can be found via Commsonic's website, which has recently been updated for 2007.

About Commsonic

Founded in 2000, Commsonic (www.commsonic.com) provides technology, IP and specialist design services in the area of broadcast communications. The CMS0009 and CMS0024 modulator cores are two members of the company's growing portfolio of broadcast physical-layer IP, which spans single-carrier (QAM) and multi-carrier (COFDM) modem technology.
tel: +44 (0)1223 421 845

About HyperSilicon

Founded in 1999, Hypersilicon provides electronic design services to integrated circuit and OEM product businesses and acts as an agent for a number of European and US-based IP and EDA suppliers. The company has offices in Beijing and Shanghai city.
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