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DVB-T2 modulator (CMS0041)

v5.4: January, 2021

  • PAPR-TR reduced FFT size update.

v5.3: December, 2020

  • Added Arria10 support.

v5.1: April, 2019

  • Added ArriaV and StratixV support.

v5.0: July, 2018

  • Increased headroom to further reduce probabilty of clipping with particular T2 frame configurations.

v4.9: May, 2017

  • Xilinx QOR improvements.

v4.8: November, 2016

  • Added option to null output in the event of an underflow condition.

v4.6: March, 2016

  • Extended BUFS register.

v4.5: February, 2016

  • Fixed zero timing-interleaver operation.
  • Added low-latency single-PLP broadcost mode option.
  • Added BUFS and TTO multiplexing to the TS adaptation interface.
  • Quartus 15.1 updates.

v4.4: December, 2015

  • Updated in-band operation with non-standard DFL frames.

v4.1: April, 2014

  • Added PAPR-TR algorithm plug-in option.
  • Updated FEF interval modes.

v3.7: March, 2014

  • Added local Cell, Network and T2-System ID insertion options.

v3.6: February, 2014

  • Corrected PAPR-TR carriers in bandwidth extension mode.
  • Added ignore T2MI StreamID option.

v3.5: January, 2014

  • Added software configuration of multiple-PLP storage structures.

v3.4: December, 2013

  • Increased FIFO buffering when using more than 8 PLPs.

v3.2: November, 2013

  • Added P2 bias cell support.

v3.1: November, 2013

  • Added optional L1-ACE processing.
  • Added optional T2MI individual addressing packet extraction.
  • Fixed occasional MISO Group-2 issue for particular configurations.

v2.7: March, 2013

  • Added optional CPU-free configuration.

v2.6: March, 2013

  • QSYS software driver updates.
  • Fixed occasional multi-PLP issue when using L1-POST QPSK modulation.

v2.5: March, 2013

  • Updated megacore installer to allow destination directory to be specified.

v2.4: February, 2013

  • Added NULL FEF frames support.
  • QSYS software driver updates.

v2.1: October, 2012

  • Added multiple PLP T2-Lite support.

v1.9: July, 2012

  • Altera Quartus 11.1 QoR improvements.

v1.8: June, 2012

  • Updated T2-Lite S1/S2 decoding in SPLP mode.

v1.7: May, 2012

  • Multiple PLP algorithm updates.
  • Added T2-Lite code-rate support.

v1.5: March, 2012

  • Added CycloneIV support.

v1.4: March, 2012

  • Testbench updates.

v1.3: February, 2012

  • Altera QSYS Avalon-interface update.

v1.2: February, 2012

  • Enabled MISO operation.
  • Software reset fix to initialise the SDRAM interface cleanly.

v1.1: January, 2012

  • Added T2MI input packet bitrate reporting.
  • Added various SFN diagnostic modes.
  • Added DVB-T2 version number reporting in T2MI operations.
  • Simplified DAC and PLL programming interface.