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Transport stream rate adaptor(s)

Product codes: CMS0015, CMS0027, CMS0029, CMS0037, CMS0046, CMS0062

Many of our modulator cores provide optional TS PCR rate adpation plug-in(s) that allow TS data to be input at any rate. However, in general the input rate must not exceed the modulator on-air rate. The plug-in may also be configured to provide an estimation of the input and output TS rates.
The simpler TS interface mechanism necessitates that the required modulator on-air symbol rate be matched by inserting NULL TS packets into the input transport stream. The TS rate adpation plug-in ensures that the transport stream PCR values are corrected for the additional NULL TS packets. Failure to perform the PCR correction can introduce MPEG display jitter at the receiver.
The PCR plug-in may optionally detect and remove NULL TS packets within the TS input stream(s). Thus it is possible for the input TS rate to be greater than the required on-air rate provided the true TS packet content (i.e. non NULL-TS packets) is still less than the on-air rate. This is useful for repeater applications where the the minor clock oscillator tolerances between the transmitter and receiver may be compensated for.
The plug-in may optionally automatically re-start the TS input packet synchronisation process in the event of a TS input failure and/or synchronisation problem. Alternatively, a TS input failure may be configured to automatically initiate a complete modulator re-start.
Locally generated PRBS TS packets may be inserted into the TS stream to provide BER feedback without interrupting the main transport-stream service.

Safari Plug-in

DVB-T transport stream rate adaptor safari plug-in (click to enlarge)
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  • NULL packet insertion and PCR correction.
  • Optional PRBS TS packet insertion.
  • Required on-air TS rate reference clock.
  • TS input and output rate estimation.
  • MPEG NULL TS packet removal/filtering.
  • Automatic TS re-synchronisation.
  • Cypress/Gennum ASI interface.
  • Seamless integration with Altera ASI Megacore.